Connect Better

Supercharge your networking


Make deeper connections

The details about how you met; the location, the event and much more, at your fingertips. Re-start meaningful conversations with an advantage.

Fluid information exchange

Tailor your virtual business card from your existing social profiles. And then effortlessly share at any event and get more out of your networking.

Better Friending

No awkward name searches. No stale connections you can't quite place anymore. Connect with the most interesting people you met at an event on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with one click.


Get a Mingl ID via email, text or someone telling you. Enter the ID online to mingle with everyone who joined too.

Or check into a Mingl using your mobile phone.

Tag, Comment, Upload, Participate!


Start a Mingl for your event before, during and after, it doesn't really matter which.

Share the Mingl ID with friends, classmates and event attendees*

Or just do a quick Mingl for 1:1 meetings.


All the context and everyone's contacts now at your fingertips!

See how you met everyone - where, when, what. What you (and everyone) talked about. It's all there.

Connect to interesting people from your Mingl on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter with one click. No fuss.

Check you Intermingl feed to see what events your friends are checking into and who they're meeting.

Search your contacts through meaningful tags, not just names.

Export contacts to Outlook or Web Mail.

* No new profiles needed. They are automatically imported from Facebook, LinkedIn and more